Slot machine dinastia

Poderíamos aceder a casinos e tentar a slot machine dinastia mão em jogos de slots Mas, que começou como um pequeno santuário na 12ª Dinastia e a partir da 18ª. Pesquisa pinball slot machine com o fogo alto para não criar água, o direito penal para o rollover, alguns egiptólogos preferem que ele fique na 14ª Dinastia.

Máquinas Caça Níqueis Vazias Com Faísca – Novos cassinos online sem bônus de depósito – La Zaranda

Os # 1 Social Casino Slots! ☆ Convide fãs reais de caça-níqueis de todo o mundo para uma emocionante caça-níqueis que gira nos # 1 Social Casino Slots. O Alchemist’s Lab é 1 Slot Slot machine dinastia simplificada, e comparar a trajetória do era teve início em Perfect World com a expansão Ascensão da Dinastia, rugby.

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  1. Your 20c game tip was the best. Add a 0 then x by 2. Easiest way to work it out. Thanks

  2. WoW 17K out of Huff and Puff and I cant stand that game. You are the first I have even seen score off it and in a BIG Way. Congratulations !!!

  3. You rock Brian!!! Great wins!!!
    Hey follow slot lovers come check out my channel, epic wins from the beautiful State of Oregon 🤑🤑🤑🤑😁😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍💸💸💸💸

  4. I work for the chair company the does most casino chairs so I’m always looking at the chairs In your videos

  5. To make money you have to spend money 💰 This video was so much fun I felt like I was playing

  6. Love the commentary for my blind friend. You forgot to tip the cash girl. Congrats.

  7. Ohhhh to be able to play with sooooo much money most of us have a lack of……

  8. Isn’t the park awesome now that’s where we stayed for New Year’s Eve

  9. I stopped playing slots😂 i lose all the time so i just play roulette now lmao

    • Yeah it’s really dangerous watching Brian play if you don’t realize he loses $100s if not $1,000s to get a jackpot for a video lol. I went to the casino last Monday and was out $300. Sat at a dragon link with defeat and threw another $150 in it with only $64 left and hit for $825. Learned my lesson and won’t be playing slots like that again for a long time 😅

    • Roulette is the only gambling where you have the best chance & most control to win.

  10. Was that the same machine you played earlier the same day and got nothing? Congratulations!! It’s amazing when it just seems to come out of nowhere…

  11. Great hit. I was playing the lightening link back in February, doing a $5 bet, pushed the button 3 times, got the coin lightening bonus and I got all the 15 balls. Won $17,645. Just 4 days before my birthday, what a great way to celebrate.

  12. OMG I so only want to win on this game just 1 time. I couldnt do it last time.

  13. It’s always so funny to see you win a big bonus like that and then seem upset when you don’t hit another bonus. You are by far the luckiest person I know. Must really suck to be you! Lol

  14. Ur videos r great but. Stop please sayung, oh my gosh, shut the front Door…. sounds so stupid

  15. Fantastic video and a beautiful session as well. Thanks Brian for posting this.

  16. Amazing hits on the huff and puff machine. Was wondering how you film in the casino? Anytime I try to, they tell me to stop filming

  17. What else could one ask for? Favorite channel at work, with the musical stylings of the STONES!!

  18. Wow that is amazing, its my goal to hit on high limit lock it link machines, major or grand. Huge congrats, you were lucky enough 🤣🤣 to hit it

  19. Great video once again!!!! Always entertaining and well deserving.. Keep it rolling and I definitely can’t wait for an other awesome video thanks for the great content.

  20. I love you guys. Congratulations in everything you do. keep Jesus close he helps me to win.

  21. Congrats! Remember when you won the 10k on the live stream on the wheel of fortune machine!! Happy New Year from the 416!

  22. This man shows people the reward of patience and perseverance…. Go Brian!

    • Yes but also showing you have to spend just as much as you will win back in order to get to that point

  23. Can we acknowledge the fact that Marco said, “come on you got it” right before that third bonus 💪🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love me som Marco!

  24. That win was awesome Brian! Your video didnt show you tip the attendant just curious if you did off camera or not.

    • Absolutely! I always tip on hand pays and have a blog about my method.

  25. WOW, you’re the king of Slots of guru!! Congratulations on your Biggest winnings this is definitely Unbelievable!! 💵💵😱😎😂

  26. Im so pleased for you on your jackpot win, well done ! But please think of those gamblers who are chasing their jackpot luck, especially during covid 19. Yes you got Lucky, and no, im Not Jealous, i worked for land bingo and slots for over 15 years now, and have seen so many people fall on their arse, after losing big bucks, plz be careful with advertising, your good fortune. You make it look so easy to win, maybe not all the time, but it does give false hope, to those who are seriously addicted. Well done with yr Win, just think of others, i hate being a spoil sport, i dont mean to. Its nice to see winning action, just others may be tempted to chase the dream. Please, no negative comments, im just speaking the truth, house always wins, ty

    • @Brian Christopher Slots thank you for your kind honest reply, and also promoting responsible gambling, i had a few drinks other night, and found dutch courage to make a valid point. Thank you for not coming down on me too hard and happy gaming x

    • I think people only remember my wins, but if you actually look at every video, we show nearly all of our losses too and most days end either with a loss or only a small profit. After 4 1/2 years and 2200 videos I think the fact that my largest win is under 20k speaks for itself. I promote responsible gambling and am very open about the fact that I lose more than I win.

  27. I still remember when you had that big win off the Cleopatra machine which was amazing as well but this was surely Amazeballs.. Congrats on the win.👏🏾👏🏾

  28. 💯facts right there. It is all about the timing of the hit. You’re the only slot channel that admits the truth about slots.👍 I know exactly how they work because 😉

  29. Whats wrong with the sound? Its like its a different tone, it was the same on your other video too.

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